Journey to visit shaykh zayd bin haadi al Madkhali and sitting with shaykh Haadi bin Haadi

Journey to shaykh zayd bin haadi al Madkhali and sitting with shaykh Haadi bin Haadi

Allah has made it easy for us to visit shaykh zayd bin haadi hafidhahullah. Our shaykh lives in the Southern part of Saudi Arabia in jizaan district in the city of Samitah.

The shaykh has opened a charitable Iibrary which contains 1000’s of books. Shaykh zayd has published over 70 books from the most famous books being afnaan nadiyya which explains the prophetic sunnah. This work consists of 9 volumes – the shaykh a largest printed book. Shaykh Ali Ibn Zaid also informed us that this book will be reprinted walhamdulillaah.

We also had the opportunity to visit Shaykh Haadi Ibn Haadi hafidhahullah. The shaykh is from the students of Shaykh Abdullah Al Qar’aawi (rahimahullah) and teacher of Shaykh Zaid Al Madkhali and Shaykh Rabee Al Madkhali. The Shaykh is in his 90’s.

What follows are some quotes of our sitting with the shaykh.

Shaykh Haadi bin Haadi was asked about shaykh Zaid and said to us: “I use to be shaykh Zaid his teacher and he was a clever young man – and now he has become my shaykh.”

When asked about shaykh ahmed najmi he said: “shaykh ahmed is an ocean of knowledge”.

We asked him regarding shaykh haafidh al hakami (rahimahullah) he informed us if the following: “shaykh Abdullah Qar’aawi saw the handwriting of haafidh al hakami and ordered to bring this young man. When it became clear that shayk haafidh was intelligent and firm in knowledge he married him to his daughter and became from his close students”.

He also said regarding shaykh Abdullah Qar’aawi : “before the time of shaykh Qar’aawi there was a lot of ignorance and innovation. Once his call was instilled in the South we have been placed from darkness (of innovation/shirk)to light (tawheed/sunnah) “.

He also mentioned regarding the memory of shaykh haafidh al hakami: “one day shaykh Abdullah Qar’aawi would deliver a lesson and the shaykh ordered haafidh al hakami to deliver a lesson. Haafidh Al Hakami delivered the exact same lesson exactly as his shaykh has delivered!”

Shaykh Haadi bin Haadi said regarding dawah salafiyyah: “Allah has guided us from darkness to light due to this dawah”.

Upon leaving shaykh Haadi bin Haadi was extremely pleased with our visit and said: the visiting of scholars and students of knowledge instills love.”

We ask Allah to preserve our scholars and to keep us steadfast upon this blessed dawah.

Compiled by
Abu Maalik Mohamed Faarih

27th January 2013